The Fellowship of Saint John the Wonderworker exists for the mutual encouragement and education of those with a love of the saints, history, and liturgy of the British Isles and Western Europe and the prayerful support of the Saint Bride Hermitage.


The Aims of the Fellowship are: 


To support one another in prayer and in practical ways where possible.

To pray for the Saint Bride Hermitage.

To celebrate the ancient liturgies used in the British Isles and Western Europe and further understanding of them as part of our Orthodox heritage.

To make known the lives of our pre-schism Orthodox saints.

To organise pilgrimages to the sacred sites of our native lands and to encourage Christians to undertake the care of their local holy places.

To adhere to a simple common Rule of Prayer.

To organise local groups for prayer and study.

To organise retreats and study days/weekends either at the Hermitage or at sacred sites in the British Isles.


We see thee as a new chosen one of God, who wast manifest in the latter times as one of the holy Hierarchs of Gaul, exhorting thy flock to preserve the same Orthodox faith that they confessed, and astonishing the peoples of the West by thy holy life. Preserve us, that we too may abide in this Faith, who cry out to thee.


(From the Akathist to St John the Wonderworker).

The Fellowship of Saint John the Wonderworker