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By Fr Michael.


We seek to be an institution of instruction in the ancient liturgy and life of the British Orthodox Church of the first millennium of Christianity and in the leading of the Orthodox Christian life in these islands today.


That Church in the past was a major force in Christianity, particularly beyond our shores in northern Europe.  We look forward to the British Church arising again, using the heritage of our first millennium, which is again appropriate in our modern pagan, secularist, atheistic world.


While we are a part the Russian Orthodox Church, we are nonetheless a British institution, drawing our inspiration from the Church and monasticism that flourished so spectacularly in these islands throughout the first millennium of Christianity.


Sacred tradition

In the original precise meaning of the word, Sacred Tradition is the tradition which comes from the ancient Church of Apostolic times. In the second to the fourth centuries this was called “the Apostolic Tradition.” Orthodoxy is the full teaching of The Way that Jesus Christ handed on to His Disciples and the Apostles, and which they taught to the subsequent generations and Councils of the Church.  Those precepts were expounded faithfully by the Fathers of the Church both in the east and the west.  We keep and teach the Sacred Tradition of the Church and that Sacred Tradition includes the original Sacred Scriptures. The Church determined which books were included in Sacred Scripture and Saint Athanasius names all of the books of the New Testament  “Behold the number and names of the canonical books of the New Testament.  These are, as it were, the beginnings, the anchors and pillars of our faith, because they were written and transmitted by the very Apostles of Christ the Saviour, who were with Him and were instructed by Him”. The same complete listing is to be found among the Western writers. The complete canon of the New Testament books of Sacred Scripture was therefore confirmed by the whole Church. This  is the exact exposition of the Orthodox Faith.  The Tradition includes the writings of the great Fathers of the Church and the proceedings of the Ecumenical Councils all of which are bounded and based upon Holy Scripture.


Today that teaching is under unprecedented attack.  Indeed the attacks have been from the beginning, reaching a crescendo in the events leading to the Great Schism of AD 1054.  The teachings have been under continuous attack in the centuries since then.  Now however, the world in general has turned away from any idea of God and the Orthodox Church is therefore under attack because it seeks to teach the fullness of Christ’s Way.  That attack on the fullness of Orthodoxy is unhappily now occurring both from within the Church and from without. Therefore this hermitage has a task of becoming a bastion against all such attacks.


Our History

Saint Bride Hermitage was formally established by a written decree from Metropolitan Hilarion in early 2014 having been in the process of building for several years prior.  The Hermitage is blessed in having a relic of Archbishop Saint John  (of Shanghai and Paris) and his Hymn is said daily before it at its shrine.


Our Work

Our work starts with prayer and worship and also includes Kellbride Publishing (especially theology, liturgy and hagiography), spiritual guidance, retreats, instruction, hospitality, prayer for the dead and the dying and the care and veneration of our local holy places.



The Monastery in the World Today